We invest in near frontier tech that will change the world.

Some call it deep tech. We think of it as near frontier. We believe science-forward companies are our best shot at improving billions of lives and saving the planet. We back them at pre-seed & seed.
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Better batteries
Advano has developed a silicon-based scalable solution for significantly increasing Li-Ion battery capacity.
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AI for drug production
Aizon is a platform for acquiring, visualizing, and recording regulated data from manufacturing sites. It analyzes that data in real time to detect inefficiencies and identifies opportunities for improvement.
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Decision based agriculture
From crop monitoring and point precision weather to cloud technology, Arable provides a complete approach to crop management in one reliable device and software solution.
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satellite broadband
Astranis is pioneering GEO-based microsatellites to connect the next four billion internet users.
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Atom Computing
scalable quantum computing
Atom Computing is building quantum computers using individually controlled atoms-- nature's perfect quantum bits.
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Orbital transfer vehicles
Atomos is designing a constellation of orbital transit vehicles to reposition satellites on orbit that will ultimately use nuclear propulsion.
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Biological computing
Catalog Technologies is developing DNA-based digital storage and computation.
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Gene therapy delivery
Chameleon Biosciences is developing a better gene therapy delivery platform that allows for repeat dosing in patients.
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Character Bio
Genomic medicine
Character is developing innovative medicines for diseases of aging using genomics and computer vision.
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Gene optimization
Circularis harnesses the power of circular RNA to control any gene, in any species, in any cell type.
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Curie Co
Greener preservatives
Curie Co uses proprietary enzyme engineering and synthetic biology techniques to replace chemical-based antimicrobials banned by the FDA in personal care products.
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Debut Bio
Cell-free biomanufacturing
Debut creates high-value molecules by combining proprietary enzyme immobilization with continuous biomanufacturing processes.
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Construction robotics
Dusty Robotics is on a mission to improve construction productivity by automating critical-path tasks on construction jobsites.
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Earth AI
AI for mining
Earth AI is discovering deposits of metals using vertically integrated technologies for fast and efficient discovery.
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5G & beyond
Eridan's software-defined radio offers fast, reliable wireless connectivity with a fraction of the energy.
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Nutritional oncology
Faeth harnesses metabolism and personalized medicine to rethink the science of cancer.
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Glyphic Bio
Protein sequencing
Unlocking proteomics by lowering protein sequencing costs.
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More humane devices
Humane will soon launch devices that will allow us to stay connected while remaining present.
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Electric autonomous rail
Intramotev is developing electric, autonomous railcars to solve intermodal freight bottlenecks and reduce emissions in logistics, taking trucks off the road and freeing up ports.
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Mission Barns
Cultured Meat
Mission Barns is making the juicy, savory meats we all love... without the animal.
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Nabla Bio
AI for antibody optimization
Nabla Bio is the world's leader in applying natural language processing (NLP) to developing therapeutic antibodies
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Breaking down cancer's wall
Phenomic leverages single cell transcriptomic data to develop drug candidates targeting the tumor stroma (aka Cancer's wall).
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Pow Bio
Pow.bio provides intelligent fermentation services for industrial and synthetic biology, helping turn great ideas into profitable products.
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High fidelity bio-printing
Prellis Biologics is engineering human tissue using a laser-based 3D printing technology capable of vasculature-level definition.
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Portable fission reactors
Radiant is building portable 1MW nuclear reactors, enough to power 1,000 homes or a military base for years.
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Sixfold Bio
RNA therapeutics
Sixfold Bio develops delivery mechanisms that target RNA therapies to treat any disease in any tissue.
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Democratizing satellites
Skyline Celestial is designing the world's cheapest, most versatile satellites so that anyone can have access to orbital assets.
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Next generation avionics
Skyryse is building a future free from congestion and infrastructure sprawl, starting with standardizing flight controls and improving safety in general aviation with their FlightOS platform.
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Plant-based chemicals
Solugen is replacing petroleum based products with plant-derived substitutes, taking advantage of bio-inspired reactions to use plant material as a low-cost feedstock to produce novel products.
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Space Tango
Space-based manufacturing
Space Tango's ISS-based system streamlines and simplifies the unique environment that microgravity offers to discover and commercialize solutions for applications on earth.
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Wet lab automation
Spaero makes it easier for scientists to design and automate biological experiments across life sciences and non-human biology, freeing experts up for higher value work.
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Plant-based bio manufacturing
Tiamat expresses high-value biological compounds in plants grown in vertical farms.
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Transforming carbon
Twelve (formerly Opus 12) has developed a device that recycles CO₂ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels with only water and electricity as inputs.
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Autonomous farm management
Vence is bringing artificial intelligence to the livestock industry to optimize farming activities and increase animal well-being.
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Hypersonic flight
Venus is a team of veteran aerospace engineers and operators working towards military and civilian flight at Mach 15.
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Carbon negative materials
Visolis' technology enables bio-based production of carbon-negative, high-performance polymers at lower costs than petrochemical processes.
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AI-driven sequencing
XGenomes uses proprietary chemistry, hardware, and computer vision, XGenomes can reduce sequencing costs by 10x.
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We write on deep tech and talk to founders building hardware and bio startups to bring you unfiltered stories on how such companies come to life and most importantly, give us hope for the future.
Synthetic Biology with Debut Biotech
Josh Britton of Debut Biotech gives us a crash course in synthetic biology and biomanufacturing, walking us through the various methods and promise of this industry that may very well shift industrial production away from fossil fuels.
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The Deep Tech Decade
Read about our top predictions for where frontier technology is headed in 2022
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RNA Delivery with Sixfold Bioscience
Sixfold's technology expands the purview of RNA therapeutics from vaccines to all diseases, starting with cancer. We discuss the challenge of RNA delivery, what it's like starting a biotech company totally from scratch, how to hire a diverse team, and promising areas of biotech.
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Orbital Ubers with Atomos Space
Orbital transfer vehicles or "space taxis" will be crucial to how we maneuver in space. We talk to Atomos cofounders Vanessa and William about OTVs, regulations when building a space company, and the early days of Atomos.
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What is TechBio
Emphasizing the tech in "biotech", TechBio embraces engineering-led biology. It’s founder-led, platform-oriented, and uses interdisciplinary technology to advance biology. We discuss what TechBio companies can look like and where Cantos likes to invest.
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Dusty Robotics CEO
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Venus Aerospace CEO
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Glyphic Bio CEO
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Solugen CEO
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Solugen CTO
Sam Cooper, PhD
Phenomic CEO
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Prellis Biologics CEO
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Avro CEO
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Twelve CEO
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Debut Bio CEO
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Astranis CEO